Thursday, 21 July 2016

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

29 December 2016


  1. I'm hoping to visit this place soon...perhaps on an Intrepid Tour. Thank you for uploading these photos of your experience there :)

    1. Yes, we take tours, find they're the best way to get a taste of a variety of different places before deciding which ones to visit again in the future and spend a little more time exploring. India is very addictive! This time we used Intrepid (Southern India tour), it was a very busy, action packed tour.

  2. We booked the Intrepid Classic South India tour. Should be interesting!
    I know what you mean by addictive. I did a tour of Rajasthan a few years ago and then did same tour again. After that, I returned to Rajasthan on my own twice more.